Dinosaur.  I'm a 'dinosaur' in the travel industry!  I've been doing this since before computers - and have watched the evolution since the inception of 'the internet'.  Yes indeed - you can find ANYTHING on Google....but, is it real?
Ever since the elections last year in the US, emphasis has been placed on 'fake news'...we see it everywhere.  And yet, the very same model has been used in the travel industry for decades.....'realtor lingo' to describe non-descript properties (cozy, intimate, boutique, hidden gem et al) - as well as 'fake' reviews on a very popular travel reference site.  Seriously, have some of these people even stayed at these properties?  Perhaps....perhaps not....  
As a professional Travel Consultant, I encourage my clients to do some research...after all, it's fun to sit with the family and peruse photos of tropical places.  But when it's time for the rubber to hit the road, I also encourage them to contact me - this is my business.  After 39 years, I KNOW if this would be a good fit, and chances are I personally know the 'local' representative to make requests on your behalf.  I provide personal services that the 'internet' just can't grasp...and, all at the same (or better) price!  
It's a 'no brainer'.....let's work together to find that perfect vacation ...I'm here for you before, during and after to provide knowledge, a personalized itinerary, and hints for your holiday - AND, you're 'supporting' someone local - not a faceless conglomerate.